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    Select Lectures

    Dr. Adam Gazzaley presentation at NVIDIA GTC
  • Neuroscience research

    Neuroscience research

    Research on cognitive neuroscience with the latest technological and medical tools
  • Neuroracer


    Neuroracer Project - Nature Publication: "Video gaming enhances cognitive skills that decline with age".
  • Glass Brain Project

    Glass Brain Project

    An interactive real time 3d visualization of source localized brain activity
  • Rhythm and the Brain Project

    Rhythm and the Brain Project

    Gazzaley - Hart Collaboration
    Unlocking the power of rhythm to understand and enhance brain function

The Gazzaley lab, established in July 2005, is a cognitive neuroscience research lab at the University of California, San Francisco focused on studying the neural mechanisms of memory, attention and perception, how these processes change with childhood development, normal aging and dementia, and how we might intervene therapeutically to alleviate cognitive deficits.