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Presentations by Invitation: Dr. Gazzaley
321 invited presentations
International (I), National (N), Regional (R)

Countries: Portugal, Italy, Holland (x2), Spain (x2), Germany (x6), Japan (x2), Columbia, India (x7), Canada (x3), Australia (x2)


2014 (36 presentations)

(I) Takeda Neuroinnovation Symposium – Keynote, Deerfield, IL
(I) NVIDIA GTC – Panel session, San Jose CA
(I) NVIDIA GTC - Keynote, San Jose CA    
*(I) Frontiers in Neuroscience SymposiumKeynote, Buzios, Brazil
*(I) Games for Change – Keynote, NYC
*(I) Digital Education Show Asia, - Keynote, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  
*(I) Digital Education Show Asia, - Symposium session, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
*(I) ESCAN – Keynote, Dortmund German
(N) Learning and the Brain  - Keynote, SF CA   
(N) Learning and the Brain  - Keynote, SF CA
(N) SXSW – Interactive, Austin, TX
(N) SXSW – Music, Austin, TX
*(N) Society for Neuroscience symposium, Wash DC
*(N Summer Institute in Cognitive Neuroscience, Santa Barbara, CA
*(N) Cold Spring Harbor Symposium: Cognition, NY
*(N) Bohemian Club - Museum Talk, CA
*(N) AARP Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA
*(N) Member Access Pacific – Keynote, Porland OR
(R) Nerd Nite, SF CA
(R) UCSF Digital Health Seminar, SF CA
(R) Frontiers of Science – UCSF, SF, CA
(R) Sony Computers/PlayStation, San Mateo, CA
(R) Zynga Z-series, SF, CA
(R) Oculus VR, Irvine CA
(R) Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, Berkeley, CA
(R) Calirfornia Academy of Science – Nightlife, SF, CA
(R) Beyond Academia Conference, Berkeley, CA
(R) UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute, Sacramento, CA
(R) Neuroscape Lab Launch Event, SF, CA
(R) GE Ventures, CA
*(R) NIH, Bethesda, MD
*(R) Duke University, Durham, NC
*(R) University of Oxford, UK
*(R) University of Oxford, UK
*(R) Alzheimer’s Australia, Melbourne, Australia
*(R) Alzheimer’s Australia, Melbourne, Australia
*(R) Distinguished Speaker Series, University of Missouri
*(R) CPMC grand rounds, SF CA

2013 (56 presentations)

(I) TEDx ABS – Mumbai, India - "Closing the Loop between our Brain and Education"
(I) ABS- Unplugged Conference- 2 Lectures; “The Distracted Mind”, Mumbai, India
(I) ABS- Unplugged Conference- 2 Lectures; “Plasticity across the Lifespan”, Mumbai, India
(I) ABS- Unplugged Conference- 2 Lectures; “Mind and Brain”, Mumbai, India
(I) FutureMed – Singularity University – Keynote on Future of Neurotechnology, CA
(I) Annual Baycrest Rotman Research Institute Neuroscience Conference, Toronto, CA
(I) First ever Fjord global presentation, SF, CA
(I) Plenary talk – ESCONS-2, LA, CA
(I) Aging and Cognition 2013, Dortmund, Germany
(I) Stimulating Brain function, Barcelona, Spain
(I) Cognitive Enhancement, Barcelona, Spain
(I) Science Foo, Google Campus, CA(I) HYASTA CEO Conference, Half Boon Bay, CA
(I) WHO Global Forum on Innovation for Ageing Populations – ‘Cognitive training’, Kobe Japan
(I) WHO Global Forum on Innovation for Ageing Populations - ‘Future Innovations’, Kobe Japan
(N) University of California Foundation Plenary talk, CA
(N) Plenary talk – Cognitive Remediation Conference, NYC, NY
(N) Games, Learning and Society (GLS) Conference, Madison, WI
(N) TMS course lecturer, Beth Israel Medical Center, Boston, MA
(N) Games for Health, Boston, MA
(N) Nielsen, SF, CA
(N) SoCap, SF, C
(N) Living Well Summit, 3 Lectures, Vail, C
(N) Congressional Neuroscience Caucus, 2 Lectures, Washington DC
(N) Health 2.0, Santa Clara, C
(N) Annual AARP Meeting, Atlanta, G
(N) International Neuroethics Society, SD C
(N) Dreamforce, Unusual Thinkers Series, SF C
(N) Symposium for Sandy Hook, SF CA

(R) Young Presidents Organization, Barbary Coast Chapter, Half Moon Bay, CA
(R) UC Irvine Distinguished Lecture on Brain, Learning and Memory, Irvine, CA
(R) UC Irvine Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory Seminar, Irvine, CA
(R) Fjord Kitchen panel, Future of wearable technology, SF, CA
(R) Menlo School, CA
(R) Menlo School Workshop, CA
(R) Capacitor Lab Workshop, CA
(R) Multidisciplinary Research Colloquium Series in Aging, USC, CA
(R) Presidio Hill (7th/8th grade), SF, CA
(R) Science Online Bay Area, SF, CA
(R) Mozart and the Mind Series, Scripps, SD, CA
(R) SF Music Tech Summit, SF, CA
(R) Neuroscience of Magic, SF, CA
(R) UCSF Foundation Board of Directors, SF CA
(R) The Terraces, Los Altos, CA
(R) UCSD Cognitive Neural Systems Seminar, SD, CA

(R) UIUC Neuroscience Colloquia, Champaign-Urbana I
(R) UCSF Discovery Talk, SF CA
(R) Meyer Sound, Berkeley CA
(R) Stanford University, “Neuroscience of Magic, Palo Alto CA

(R) MVLA Parent Education Series, Los Altos, CA
(R) The Battery – Inaugural speaker, SF CA
(R) GE BOD Meeting, NYC


2012 (42 presentations)

(I) Unicharm Co. – Berkeley, CA
(I) Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA), “Aging”, Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX
(I) Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA), “Alzheimer’s Disease”, Annual Meeting, TX
(I) IDEO Executive Leadership Meeting, SF, CA
(I) NIMH Cognitive Remediation for Mental Disorders Meeting, Washington DC
(I) SharpBrains Virtual Summit
(I) Cold Spring Harbor Lab, Inaugural Cognitive Aging Workshop, “Prefrontal Cortex”, NY
(I) Cold Spring Harbor Lab, Inaugural Cognitive Aging Workshop, “Aging Prefrontal Cortex”, NY
(I) 8th Forum of Parkinson's Disease and Geriatric Neurological Disease, Kyoto, Japan
(I) Kokoro Research Center, Kyoto University, Japan
(I) Neuromarketing meeting, Bogota, Columbia
(N) Recent Advances in Neurology, SF, CA
(N) South by South West (SXSW), Austin, TX
(N) Leadership Legacy Life (L3), SF, CA
(N) ANA’s Translational and Clinical Research Course for Clinician-Scientists, SF, CA
(N) American Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery, SF, CA
(N) Games for Health, Boston, MA
(N) KQED Forum – NPR
(N) White House – Games: Impact on Attention and Well-Being, Washington, DC.
(N) Annual AARP meeting – Gala presentation with Mickey Hart (Grateful Dead), New Orleans
(N) Gates Foundation – Engagement and Academic Tenacity, Boston, MA
(N) Neurotech Leader’s Forum, SF, CA
(N) NAKFI Informed Brain in a Digital World Conference, LA, CA
(N) Audio Engineering Society, “The Future is now”, SF, CA
(N) Institute of Medicine, Cognitive aging planning meeting, DC
(N) American College of Neuropsychopharmacology meeting, FLA
(R) Young Presidents Organization, Northern California Chapter, SF, CA
(R) San Quentin Prison, CA
(R) Society for Neuroscience Staff, DC
(R) Center for Visual Science, University of Rochester, NY
(R) Health 2.0; SF chapter, CA
(R) Stanford Institute for Neuro-innovation and Translational Neuroscience (SINTN) Seminar, CA
(R) Department of Physiology Annual Retreat, UCSF, CA
(R) Commonwealth Club, with Matt Richtel (NYT columnist and Pulitzer Prize winner), CA
(R) Plymouth Place Retirement Community, Chicago, CA
(R) Commonwealth Club, CA
(R) Pepinsky Early Career Award Presentation, Columbus Ohio
(R) UCSF Memory and Aging Center, Grand Rounds, SF, CA
(R) UCSF Psychiatry Department, Grand Rounds, SF, CA
(R) UCSF Neurology Grand Rounds, SF, CA
(R) Center for Neural Engineering and Prostheses – UCB/UCSF, CA
(R) Children's Day School (7th/8th grade), SF, CA 

2011 (48 presentations)

(I)    Dallas Aging and Cognition Conference, Texas
(I)    German Science Foundation – Aging Workshop, Berlin, Germany
(I)    International Joint Conference on Neural Networks- “From Brains to Machines”, San Jose, C
(I)    SharpBrains Virtual Summit
(I)    Entertainment Software and Cognitive Neurotherepeutics Society Meeting (ESCoNS), SF, CA
(I)    International Cognitive Neuroscience Society Meeting, Cognitive Aging Symposium, Spain
(I)    International Cognitive Neuroscience Society Meeting, Working Memory and Attention Symposium, Spain
(I)    Games for Health Europe, Keynote, Amsterdam, NL (Video)
(N)   Multitasking Meeting, Stanford University, CA
(N)   Learning & the Brain Conference: Igeneration meeting, SF, CA
(N)   TEDx San Jose, CA (Video)
(N)   National Science Teacher’s Association, SF, CA
(N)   Lecture for broadcast as a national PBS TV Program, KQED, SF, CA
(N)   Puretech Ventures, Boston, CA
(N)   AARP annual meeting, Los Angeles, FLA
(N)   Mind Matters – Proctor & Gamble, Cincinnati, OH
(N)   CNS Summit, FLA
(R)   Career Development meeting, University of California, Berkeley, CA
(R)   Department of Psychology, Brandeis University, MA
(R)   McGovern Institute Symposium, MIT, MA
(R)   Applied Brilliance Salon: The shape of the Future, SF, CA
(R)   Puretech Ventures, Boston, CA
(R)   SF Neurological Society Annual Meeting, Monterey, CA
(R)   Cognitive Control Conference, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
(R)   UCSF Memory and Aging Center Grand Rounds, SF, CA
(R)   Alzheimer's Association Northern CA, Santa Cruz, CA
(R)   Wirehead Talkback, SF Playhouse, SF, CA
(R)   Mini-medical school, UCSF, CA
(R)   Personalized Health Project Summit, SF CA
(R)   Siemens Headquarters, Erlangen, Germany
(R)   Research Centre Jülich, Germany
(R)   German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) - Bonn, Germany
(R)   Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin, Germany
(R)   Postdoctoral Fellow Bootcamp, UCSF, SF, CA
(R)   Commonwealth Club, SF, CA (Video)
(R)   TechCentralSF, Gamification Panel, SF, CA
(R)   Langley Porter Neuroscience Seminar Series, UCSF, SF, CA
(R)   PACCTR Seminar, UCSF, SF, CA
(R)   Department of Psychology, University of Amsterdam, NL
(R)   Department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences, Stanford University, CA
(R)   Commonwealth Club of California, Social Networking and the Brain, SF, CA
(R)   Mini-medical School, UCSF, CA
(R)   Retraining the Brain, UCSF, CA
(R)   Neuroscience & Psychology, Florida Atlantic University, FLA
(R)   York House High School, Vancouver, Canada
(R)   Brain Research Center, University of British Columbia, Canada
(R)   Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin, Germany 
(R)   Grattan Elementary School, SF, CA

2010 (32 presentations)

(I)     SPIE/HVEI International Conference, CA, USA
(I)     SharpBrains Virutal Summit: Technology for Cognitive Health and Performance, Web-based
(I)     Frontal Lobe Conference, Toronto, Canada
(I)     Neurocognitive Networks 2010, Florida, USA
(I)     The Dallas Aging and Cognition Conference, Texas, USA
(I)     Symposium Chair & Presenter, Human Brain Mapping Meeting, Barcelona, Spain
(I)     Games for Health Conference, Boston USA
(I)     Gordon Conference, Inaugural meeting on the Neurobiology of Aging, Waterville Valley, NH
(I)     Neurocritical Care Society Annual meeting, San Francisco, CA
(N)    The Dallas Aging and Cognition Conference, Dallas, TX
(N)    Neurocognitive Networks, Boca Raton, FLA
(N)    Ellison Foundation Colloquium on the Biology of Aging, Woods Hole, MA
(N)    AARP annual meeting, Orlando, FLA
(N)    Applied Brilliance Conference, Ojai, CA
(N)    Meeting for Apple engineers in education division, Cupertino, CA
(R)    Department of Psychology, UC Santa Barbara, CA
(R)    QB3-CCA Symposium, UCSF, CA
(R)    Department of Psychology, Yale University, CA
(R)    Department of Psychology, Harvard University, Boston, MA
(R)    Brain Aging Neuroimaging Group, Mass General Hospital, Boston, MA
(R)    Communications Department, Stanford University, CA
(R)    Neurosurgery Grand Rounds, UCSF, CA
(R)    The San Francisco Writer’s Grotto, SF, CA
(R)    Health & Wellness for older adults, Jewish Community Center, SF CA
(R)    Villa Marin Retirement Community, Marin, CA
(R)    Science Salon Series Talk, Vibrant Brains, Foster City Jewish Community Center, CA
(R)    San Francisco Public Library, SF, CA
(R)    UCSF Neuroscience graduate program retreat, Monterey, CA
(R)    Molecules to Medicine Symposium, UCSF, CA
(R)    Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, San Francisco State University, CA
(R)    fMRI Speaker Series, University of Michigan, IL
(R)    Nerd Nite, SF, CA

2009 (27 presentations)

(I)     Hippocampal Research Conference, Verona, Italy
(I)     Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine and Biomedical Technologies, Portugal
(N)    AcademiX 2009 (Apple): Technological Innovation and Education, Salt Lake City, UT
(N)    Association for Psychological Science – Invited Address, San Francisco, CA
(N)    Medical Education Conference (Apple), Cupertino, CA
(R)    Cognitive Neuroscience Seminar Series, Veteran’s Hospital, Martinez CA
(R)    Formal Seminar Series, Buck Institute for Age Research, Marin, CA
(R)    Institute of Gerontology Colloquium Series, Wayne State, Detroit MI
(R)    Theravance, Inc., San Francisco, CA
(R)    Distinguished Speaker Colloquium, San Francisco State University, CA 
(R)    Center for Brain Health, UT Dallas, TX
(R)    Cognitive Neuroscience Forum, University of California, Berkeley, CA
(R)    Rossmore Retirement Community, Walnut Creek, CA
(R)    Brain Health Symposium at the Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, CA
(R)    AARP Presentation, Vegas @ 50, LV, CA
(R)    Science Salon Series Talk, Vibrant Brains, San Francisco, CA
(R)    Lifelong, Living and Learning,Wellness Lecture Series, UCSF Foundation, San Francisco, CA
(R)    City College's Older Adults Department, The Sequoias, San Francisco, CA
(R)    Marin County Commission on Aging, Marin, CA
(R)    8 Presentations to community physicians on the aging brain

2008 (24 presentations)

(I)     Human Brain Mapping Workshop, Melbourne, Australia
(N)    American Federation of Aging Research Annual Meeting, Santa Barbara, CA
(R)    McKnight Seminar Series, University of Arizona, AZ
(R)    Brain Mapping Seminar Series, UCLA, CA
(R)    Medical Advances that Will Shape our Future, San Francisco, CA
(R)    Mount Sinai Neurology Grand Rounds, NYC, NY
(R)    UCSF Memory and Aging Center Grand Rounds, CA
(R)    Aging Research Seminar Series, Stanford University, Veteran’s Hospital, CA
(R)    Cognitive Neuroscience Forum, University of California, Berkeley, CA
(R)    Center for Learning in Retirement, San Francisco, CA
(R)    Brain Talk, Apple Store, San Francisco, CA
(R)    Brain Talk, Apple Store, Soho, NYC
(R)    UCSF Foundation, San Francisco, CA
(R)    Memory & the Aging Brain, Science Café, Atlas Café, San Francisco, CA
(R)    UCSF Neuroscience graduate program retreat, Monterey, CA
(R)    City College's Older Adults Department, The Sequoias, San Francisco, CA
(R)    8 Presentations to community physicians on the aging brain  

2007 (21 presentations)

(N)   NIH Cognitive Aging Summit, Washington DC
(N)   West Coast Siemens fMRI Workshop, UCSF, CA
(R)   Cognitive Neuroscience Forum, University of California, Berkeley, CA
(R)   Grand Rounds, Peninsula Medical Center, Burlingame, CA
(R)   Brain and Cognition Seminar Series, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL
(R)   Mount Sinai MSTP Student Career Seminar, NY
(R)   UCSF Memory and Aging Center Seminar, CA
(R)   Functional Imaging Symposium, presented by Gallo center and IND, CA
(R)   13 Presentations to community physicians on the aging brain  

2006 (31 presentations)

(I)     Neurobiology of Aging Brain Symposium, Tasmania, Australia
(N)    New York Academy of Sciences – Imaging and the Aging Brain, New York, NY
(N)    Working Memory Session Chair. Society for Neuroscience, Atlanta, GA
(R)    UCSF VA Medical Center, Geriatrics Dept., San Francisco, CA
(R)    California Pacific Medical Center, Psychiatry Dept Grand Rounds, San Francisco, CA
(R)    Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease, San Francisco, CA
(R)    Earnest Gallo Clinic and Research Center, Emeryville, CA
(R)    Interdisciplinary Forum on Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging, UCSF, CA
(R)    Geriatrics Interest Group, UCSF, San Francisco, CA
(R)    From Molecules to Medicine, UCSF, San Francisco, CA
(R)    Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, CA
(R)    Ask-a-Scientist Seminar, Bazaar Café, San Francisco, CA
(R)    20 Presentations to community physicians on the aging brain  

2005 (25 presentations)

(I)     University of Toronto, Dept of Psychology, Ebbinghaus Empire Lecturer, Canada
(R)    UCSF Dept. of Physiology, CA 
(R)    San Francisco Psychiatric Society, CA 
(R)    Posit Science Corporation, San Francisco, CA
(R)    Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute, UCSF, CA
(R)    Pfizer Regional District Meeting, Berkeley, CA
(R)    Magnetic Resonance Unit, San Francisco VA Medical Center, CA
(R)    Memory Disorders Research Society, Cermak Award Presentation, AZ
(R)    University of Miami VA Medical Center, Geriatrics Grand Rounds, FL
(R)    Psychology Dept., Stanford University, CA
(R)    15 Presentations to community physicians on the aging brain

2004 (10 presentations)

(R)    Northern California Consortium, UCSF, CA
(R)    Neuropsychology Conference, VA Medical Center, Martinez, CA
(R)    Neurology conference, Woodstock, NY
(R)    Internal medicine physicians conference, Woodstock, NY
(R)    Memory and Aging Center Grand Rounds, UCSF, CA
(R)    Neurology Grand Rounds, NYU, NY
(R)    Translational Neuroscience Interdepartmental Seminar, Mount Sinai, NY
(R)    Cognition & Perception Seminar, NYU Psychology & Center for Neural Science, NY
(R)    Frontiers in Neurology and Neuroscience, UCSF, CA
(R)    Center for Cognitive Neuroscience Seminar, Duke University, NC


(R)    Primary Care Practitioners, San Francisco, CA


(R)    Hippocampus Club, Rockefeller University, NY
(N)    American Association of Anatomists, Cajal Club, New Orleans, LA



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