Associated Academic Programs

Industry Partners
  • NVIDIA - Visual computing technology; inventor of the GPU
  • Apple - Computer workstations; applications; iPads; MacBook Pros
  • Leap Motion - Device used for natural interactions with your computer
  • Emotiv - 14-channel mobile EEG system
  • Akili Interactive Labs - Immersive games used as medical tools aimed to improve essential cognitive abilities
  • Neuroelectrics - simultaneous EEG-TES system

Cognitive Neuroscience Labs of Colleagues and Collaborators

Program Partners
  • USA Science Festival - The Nifty Fifty (times 3) are over 150 of the most dynamic scientists and engineers in the United States. They were selected for their unique ability to inspire the next generation of students to pursue careers in the STEM fields. They were chosen from among thousands of candidates nominated by over 500 leading professional science and engineering societies, universities, research institutions, government agencies, STEM education outreach organizations and leading high tech and life science companies.   <>



  • OsiriX - Excellent open-source MRI viewer / PACS server for Mac OS X
  • SPM - Statistical Parametric Mapping - open source MATLAB toolbox for fMRI processing
  • FSL - FMRIB Software Library - open source MATLAB toolbox for fMRI processing
  • Psychophysics Toolbox - Open source MATLAB-based stimulus presentation software
  • Brain Products - Maker of BrainVision Analyzer an EEG analysis package
  • EEGLAB - Open source MATLAB toolbox for EEG processing
  • Psychology Software Tools, Inc - Creator of E-Prime: Stimulus presentation software
  • Neurobehavioral Systems - Creator of Presentation ®: Stimulus delivery software
  • MathWorks - Creator of MATLAB
  • VoxBo - Useful for creating activity-based regions of interest (ROI) in fMRI
  • MRIcron - Open source software for viewing fMRI results



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